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Concrete Pipe Installation Guide
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Concrete Pipe Design Manual
A detailed resource on concrete pipe, including standards, materials, performance data and construction references.
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Plant Prequalification Program
Complete information on the Plant Prequalification Program for concrete pipe manufacturers, established in 1965 by the Ontario Water Resources Commission.
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PipePac Software
This software helps with the task of selecting the right material for buried infrastructure systems. PipePac lets you determine the real cost of materials over the design life of a project.
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Standard Installations (SIDD)
Comprehensive research paper on the concrete pipe design methodology commonly known as Standard Installations. Authored by P. Smeltzer and L. Daigle.
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Concrete Pipe Information Booklet

Just the Facts I: Concrete vs. HDPE

Just the Facts II: Concrete vs. HDPE

Just the Facts III: Concrete vs. HDPE Booklet

Just the Facts IV: Concrete vs. CSP Booklet

Just the Facts: Pipe Installation