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PipePac® software is one of the most widely used programs by design engineers, consultants, contractors and specifiers to help select the right material for buried pipeline systems and culverts. PipePac lets you determine the real cost of materials over the design life of a project. Integrated analysis is offered using three independent programs: (3EB) to select pipe class, CAPE (Cost Analysis of Pipe Envelope) and LCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis).

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  • Integrated analysis using three independent programs: 3EB, CAPE and LCA,
  • Calculates earth loads and concrete pipe Classes,
  • Easy comparison of rigid and flexible systems,
  • Option of Standards - CSA or ASTM, and,
  • Choice of analysis in metric or imperial units.


  • For each depth of fill, computes earth, live and surcharge loads; the bedding factor; and the required pipe strength for either reinforced or non-reinforced concrete pipe,
  • Estimates the material cost of the embedment zones for rigid and flexible pipe, and allows for the comparison of different embedment scenarios,
  • Evaluates costs associated with each alternate pipe material based on design components and project requirements,
  • Performs multiple economic analyses to compare the different pipe materials based on total costs over the life of a project, and,
  • Incorporates project design life, material service life, economic factors, transportation costs, and other project-related items


PIPECAR allows you to design concrete pipe in accordance with ASCE, SIDD (Standard Installations Direct Design) and AASHTO design standards for the buried condition, using the Direct Design method.

PIPECAR (Pipe Culvert Analysis and Reinforcing Design) is a FHWA program developed in conjunction with ACPA as a direct method of structural analysis and design of concrete pipe sections with circular and elliptical reinforcement. The program is written with user friendly input routines requiring only minimal computer experience. The user controls most parameters. A knowledge of structural design codes is essential.

User instructions include descriptions of all input variables and design examples. Structural design includes ultimate flexure, shear and radial tension, and service load crack control. This latest version of PIPECAR incorporates the Heger earth pressure distributions in addition to Paris, Olander, or user defined load systems. The program determines moment, thrust, and shear stresses due to pipe weight, soil weight, fluid weight, live loads and internal pressure up to 50 feet of head.

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